Bumper Stickers

If it's bumper stickers you require for a car or a decal for a shop window we can assist. We print and supply a huge range of stickers suitable for going onto a wide variety of surfaces and textures.

Not only can we provide options for the design and creation of a sticker but we can also give you a choice of several different stocks to use based on the location you wish to place it. We work very closely with our vinyl supplier to ensure that we use the most suitable product for the job. This can range from extreme temperatures right through to rough and difficult to adhere to surfaces and we can also create different effects through the use of reflective stocks and embossing.

Another new product we have added to our range is luminous inks. Basically this ‘glow in the dark’ option gives an extra appeal to any bumper sticker and through clever design can highlight a particular part of a sticker to give it maximum night time appeal.

For shorter run requirements we would suggest using our digitally printed method which avoids any screen set up cost. This is a perfect way for a client to produce a sample bumper sticker to test the feasibilty of a larger run option. We also have the ability to die cut the product as we go to give a unique finish as well. For more information on this digital process please click here.

From a retail point of view we can also assist in creating a lasting impression on your window as well as larger decal options suitable for an entranceway and general shop flooring.

For more information on any of the sticker products we have available please contact us at info@screenconcepts.co.nz.

Examples of miscellaneous and bumper stickers printed by Screen Concepts.
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