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Garment & Product Supply

Once again as part of our 'one stop shop' philosophy we have a full range of products available that include items such as all types of clothing, bags, caps and umbrellas.


As there is such a huge range to choose from we have listed the web site links of some of our main products on the right. Simply click on the relevant icon on the right to show you more information. There are a mulitude of suppliers, if you don't find something you like then let us know and we will refer you onto some other sites.

If you can't find something you are looking for from here or have a specific idea about what you are after please contact for more information.

Under our Interactive brand we also have a full custom making service available so if it is a unique type of product you are after let us know the details and we will see what we can do. We are heavily involved with the multi-sport and snow-sport industries and with this in mind we have developed a comprehensive range of race bibs, to the point where we are confident there is nothing better on the market, and which are suitable for most types of sporting events.


Screen printed bibs supplied by Screen Concepts.

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