Heat Applied Transfers

Unlike normal textile printing which is printed directly onto the garments, transfers are printed onto a transfer paper first then heat applied onto the garments when required.


There are several advantages heat pressed transfers have over traditional textile printing.

Firstly, with smaller sizes they are more cost effective due to the fact that when we print a sheet we can normally fit several on it at time.

Secondly, because we print onto the sheet rather than fabric the quality of the image is superior. Obviously a piece of flat paper is a lot smoother to print on than the relative 'roughness' of fabric.

The last and probably most important advantage is that when we have a job set up we normally print extras or "stock".

What this means to you is that once we have established what your normal usage would be we can guarantee that we will have enough logos in stock to be able to quickly and efficiently turn the job around in a fraction of the time compared with normal textile printing.

This system works incredibly well and many of our traditional direct textile printed clients have changed to this process to take advantage of the reduced turnaround times.

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