Pad Printing & Promotional Products

This process enables us to print onto any surface that can't be screen printed. In other words any surface that isn't flat or has a very rough surface is more suited to using our pad printing technique  than screen printing. It is a process most commonly used in the promotional products industry but through our existing relationships with metalwork, plastic's and electronic manufacturers there is a strong demand for industrial pad printing as well.


This was a logical extension to our current screen printing service and now enables us to offer a full product printing service. The advantages of pad printing over screen printing is that we can print onto products such as golf balls, pens, glasses, most promotional items and metalwork componentry not suited to screen printing.


The inks systems used are very similar to normal screen printing and involve either an air drying process or baked in one of our ovens. This ensures the print result is durable and will last the life of the product.


We would be more than happy to discuss what service would be most suitable for the product you require printed. Please contact us at for more information.



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