Flat Sheet or Hard Copy Printing

As part of our 'one stop shop' philosophy we also have a flat sheet/hard copy printing facility.

This includes items such as bumper stickers, temporary tattoos, fridge magnets, real estate signs, point of sale signage and the printing of items like plastic, cardboard, wood, glass and metalwork. As an extension to this screen printing service we now have promo printing available as well. This gives us the opportunity to be able to print onto curved or unusually shaped items that we were previously unable to screen print onto. This includes products such as pens, golf balls, mugs and unusual or rough finished metalwork panels.

Many of the items we print are used in the manufacture of components for companies such as Aucom, Ericsson, Tait Electronics and Plinius. This could be products such as graphic overlays, metal nameplates and panels, resin domed labels and membrane switches.

With this in mind we have developed a specialised service over the years where we aim to become an extension of your internal production process.

We believe flexibility is the key and due to the nature of the industry we constantly try to become a seamless extension of your normal production scheduling to ensure that your clients delivery expectations are always met.

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