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As we mentioned in our email we are looking at ways to expand our wholesale trade client base. We see ourselves as a seamless extension of your existing production process and are confident we can integrate into your structure by offering:-

  • consistent delivery
  • quality results
  • realistic pricing
  • great communication

As a way of assisting you in making the decision to trial our services we want to offer you the following:-

  • free freight to any part of the country
  • 15% discount on your first 5 orders

Check out the following links to get an insight into the range of products and services we have available and just because it is not listed doesn't mean we can't do it!

Range of Service's

Range of Product's

We are confident that you will enjoy the experience you have with us and want to acknowledge now that the only way we will continue to grow is by developing good win/win relationships. Obvious when you prosper, so will we, so with that in mind we believe flexibility is our main point of difference.

We are committed to finding ways of working more closely with your business to ensure we all succeed together. This may be in the form of variable payment terms, flexible pricing, improved turnaround times, it doesn't matter what it is as long as you discuss it with us so we can work on the best outcome together. Businesses that 'cluster' together through tougher times will be in an even stronger position when the economy improves. If you would like more information of any of the products or services listed or have a question please contact
















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